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Shi Yuan Kuang
United States
Shell of choice: The one where popcorn comes from ... corn shell
Personal Quote: Imagination, the mastermind behind all reasoning.
====This will be the final contest and the last month where feature suggestions will be accepted. ====

*** Thanks for all who participated in last month's contest ***

The results of the October fanart contest can be found in my October contest journal or this news article…

Just a few things before we head on to the fanart contest.

The non-profit MUGENO artbook is now on sale online. Please see the MUGENO section in my profile page for more info and descriptions. (if you're on my profile page already, it's on your middle left section titled "MUGENO artbook" with the big MUGENO image.) ^___^ Anime Style Art Book- Mugeno by keiichi93

We have a "MUGENO Art Book" facebook. Please stop by the next time you're on facebook. :D

Help spread the word about MUGENO. Take part in the

"MUGENO Wall" - 3 randomly chosen people each month will receive a free copy of MUGENO :wow:
Hey, you never know. You can be the next winner. (but of course, you have to participate in order to win :nod: )

There's an article on that came out that talks about/promotes MUGENO. If you're interested, click here to check it out. ^________^

:star: Suggest an artist to feature and have a chance to win DA points :star:
We are accepting suggestions for artist features. We will choose 3 artists to feature each month and if the artist you suggested is featured, you and the artist will both get 400 DA points. :w00t: Anyhow, see the left hand side of my profile for the current artist features and the rules of how to suggest an artist. :)


Thanks to everyone that participated. ^_^ Here are the winners for this month:

1st Place Winner

The forbidden one by rakatana by rakatana

2nd Place Winner

Save the Best For Last by Maan11j by Maan11j

3rd Place Winner

Save the best for last by MewNatan by MewNatan

And last but not least, the lucky numbers from Mr. PR :

1240 - Sangrde

The 1st and 2nd place winners will receive notes from me shortly to verify the choice of the prize.

Thanks again for all that participated.

recap of previous contest


      Welcome to December's animé fanart/OC contest (and the final one):

Please read through all the rules before submitting

*** Subject for this month is:

          Save the Best for Last

*** Description:

Yep, you didn't read wrong... I'm taking a break from the contests and features.  This will be the final contest that will be held. (Will there be more contests in the future you might ask?? No idea ... only time will tell I guess).

Anyhow, I think the subject this month is pretty self explanatory and matches the occasion.  So draw a scenario depicting the subject mentioned using animé character(s) or animé styled OC (Original Characters).  Note that no matter how you interpret the theme, the clearer the entry shows the how you had incorporated it and can do so with minimum or no description necessary, the better.    

Have fun drawing and as always ... creativity is a plus. Keep in mind that interesting and unique ideas are your friends. ^____^  

Looking forward to seeing some great entries to end the nearly 10 years of running monthly contests.  

*** Contest start and end dates:

    Start Date: December 6th, 2011

    End Date:  December 26th, 2011  (ie. Note that December 26th is the last day to submit for this contest and NOT December 31st, so entries should be submitted before the end of December 26th)

*** Prizes (YAY!!!) :

1st Place Prize:

$30 paid through paypal


$30 gift certificate to shop in ebay
(Note that since ebay doesn't have a $30 gift certificate option, you will receive one $25 and one $5 gift certificate totaling $30) If you are thinking of selecting this option, please read the ebay terms outlining the use as ebay gift certificates can only be used if you have a valid paypal account.


2400 DA points


A copy of the non-profit MUGENO artbook   Anime Style Art Book- Mugeno by keiichi93 (note that this option requires winner to provide a shipping address so we can ship the artbook)


some other gift certificate service (ie. like amazon ...etc) in which the gift certificate can be emailed and can handle $30 increments. (very flexible in this matter.  If you're unsure if it works or not, drop me a quick note and I'll be glad to look into it and let you know)

2nd Place Prize:

$10 paid through paypal


$10 gift certificate to shop in ebay
If you are thinking of selecting this option, please read the ebay terms outlining the use as ebay gift certificates can only be used if you have a valid paypal account.


700 DA points


some other gift certificate service (ie. like amazon ...etc) in which the gift certificate can be emailed and can handle $10 increments. (very flexible in this matter.  If you're unsure if it works or not, drop me a quick note and I'll be glad to look into it and let you know)

3rd Place Prize:

500 DA points


Also note that ebay gift certificates are only redeemable in ebay. If you have any questions about ebay gift certificates, please visit the ebay site

*** But WAIT!! , I think Mr. PR wants to continue his duties.   So let's let it do what it needs to do (if you don't know what Mr. PR does or is, please read below description) :D  

Description of Mr. PR

Just a quick recap of Mr. PseudoRandom  (let's call him Mr. PR for short).  Mr. PR is going to help me with a very important task that I think will be of interest to everyone reading.

What Mr. PR will do is that at the end of the contest, he will choose 3 numbers randomly and at least 3 participants of the contest (excluding the winners and honorary mentions (if any)) will get a chance to win 400 DA points.

So how does this work you ask?  Well, of course since it came from my wacky mind, the whole thing is pretty wacky ... haha, but there is logic to this madness (at least I hope).  So here is how this whole system works:

1) When a person submits a piece of artwork to this contest, they would send me a note when they have posted their entry on DA (ie. see submission instructions below).  So using this note, I will take the hour and minutes of the time that the note was sent and use that as the person's "lucky" number.  So say the person sends me the note at "7:31:57 PM" then his/her lucky number is a combination of the hour and minutes (ie. 7 is the hour and 31 is the minutes, so the lucky number is 731 , and if the time is say "11:43:50 AM" the lucky number will be 1143 .... etc )

2) At the end of the contest, Mr. PR will do his job and start selecting random numbers (3 in total).  Now Mr. PR is very persistent and therefore he will continue to choose random numbers until all three numbers chosen matches with some participant's lucky number.  These participants that have the lucky numbers that were chosen will each get 400 DA points. (see below for special cases/exceptions)

*** Special cases/Exceptions:  

- In the case that there is equal to or less than 3 participants left after choosing the winners and honorary mentions (if any), then all 3 (or less) people will automatically get 400 DA points.  ^_^  (Poor Mr. PR ... he might lose his job if this happens :( )
- And the other special case is if two or more people hold the same lucky number.  If two or more people hold the same lucky number, then those two or more people will also get 400 DA points.  In short, every participant who has a lucky number that matches what Mr. PR picks at the end of the contest will get 400 DA points.  :w00t: ( so the number of random winners selected can be range from a minimum of 3 to a max of ??  <== I guess depends on how lucky you are ^___^ )


*** Full Rules

Below are the rules of the contest (Please read them BEFORE submitting to the contest) :

  1. The fanart must be animé (or your OC in animé style if the description of the contest says it's allowed) and should be related to the topic and/or series listed
  2. The image should NOT be a picture that has been previously posted or shown before.
  3. No hentai or suggestive images, so please don't submit any of that nature.  (If you submit any pictures classified in this category, it will be dis-regarded and will not be entered in the contest.)
  4. No COPYING.  I understand if you maybe use a picture of the subject to be drawn and gather information (ie. clothing, drawing style ... etc) so that the picture that YOU draw will have the necessary recognizable features of that particular subject, BUT directly tracing, or just directly copying of a picture from a magazine or person does not constitute valid fanart for this contest (or any contest for that matter, so don't submit copied art because it will just be dis-regarded!)
  5. To be fair, only one entry per person please.
  6. Artwork submitted after the last day is not accepted
  7. By submitting artwork for this contest, you are giving me permission to display your artwork on this site and on my "Animé Deviation" website.(Don't worry, proper credit will be given to you. I'm not stealing your picture, just putting it on display)
  8. Winners will be picked by my sisters and I from the eligible entries.
  9. The winners of the contest will be posted no later than 1 week after the last day of the contest
  10. Winners will receive a note stating that he/she has won.

By submitting a picture to this contest, it means that you have read the above rules and agree to abide to them.

How to Submit

All that needs to be done to submit is to post up your picture, and send me a note with the link to your picture.   I will respond saying that the picture has been accepted and will then display a thumbnail of the picture here.

Thanks for reading all the rules and getting up to here.  :D  Please keep in mind that the objective of this contest is not just to win (ie. although winning is nice if I don't say so myself ;p ), but to have fun drawing interesting and imaginative artwork.  So I hope everyone participating will enjoy drawing the artwork and have lots of fun.

Current Entries

The forbidden one by rakatana by rakatana
:thumb275856827: by Sangrde
Save the best for last by MewNatan by MewNatan
Save the Best For Last by Maan11j by Maan11j

Current Project:
Animé Style Art Book - MUGENO Anime Style Art Book- Mugeno by keiichi93 On Sale Now

We have a "MUGENO Art Book" facebook. Please stop by the next time you're on facebook. :D



Check out this children's book that was illustrated by :iconrekslare: about how a boy overcomes the bullying that his "unique" name causes. ^__^


Check out :iconenchantma:'s new website

enchantma is open for commissions and is also selling her comic
Girl Power!

If you like female dominating characters, this comic is a must :nod: (plus each copy is personalized and carefully hand printed by enchantma herself :w00t: ) Don't wait. Go check it out now. ^____^


Ah! My Goddess Club === > :iconamgchitai:
(Are you a fan of AMG? If yes, what are you waiting for? Join the Club. ^_^ )



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